Indian Association in Sweden

Holi 2021

Dear IAS Members,
We Wish You All Happy Holi. Inspite Of Covid stealing away our Festive Moment and Fun, but still the Holi Spirit cannot be taken away from us . Let us all stand united in our spirit . Enjoy a safe Holi in your home with your Family and Share your Holi video in our FB page. Let us spread happiness and positivity together.
Special Thanks to all the IAS Women’s Club members for Active participation in this fun video. Arshi Jalalkhan Shaikh

Pooja Joshi
Poonam Tiwari
Jangid Paliwal Shilpa
Sonal Kabra
Neha Sharma
Sarika Kapur Rawal
Ashish Rawal
Matiulla Shaikh
Ashwini R Kannan
Poornima Girish
Grishma Maniar
Aditya Sharma


Stay Safe and Play Safe
IAS Board