Indian Association in Sweden
  • Healthcare is care that all people in society can make use of and are entitled to. In Sweden, you do not need to pay a lot of money when you need to see a doctor, have an operation or be admitted to hospital. It is important to know how the healthcare system functions and about where you can turn when you need care. The municipalities and the county councils or regions are responsible for healthcare.
  • When you or your children fall ill, you should initially go to your primary care centre. Primary care centres are closed in the evenings and at weekends. If you need care urgently, you have to go to an out of hours clinic or a emergency department. Ask your primary care centre which out of hours clinic is closest or check the primary care centre's website.
  • All children and young people are entitled to healthcare in Sweden. The State, regions and municipalities offer several different preventative healthcare opportunities and support for expectant parents and for children and young people. The majority of Swedish parents usually have close contact with child health services while their children are growing up.Trained midwives, nurses and doctors are among those who work in child health services. Child health services check that your child is healthy and growing and is developing as they should. You can also get advice and support about how to take care of your child in the best way.